Kunshan MAX Metal Company Ltd., founded in 2000, is the largest Chinese clean room partition wall and ceiling panel system manufacturer and is located in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. We provide many quality products, including the cleanroom wall panel system, load bearing ceiling system, clean room door, double layer glass window, and more for use in high grade offices, as well as electronic and pharmaceutical industries. We can built electronic industry clean rooms with a cleanness ranging from CLASS1 to CLASS 100,000 or ISO1 to ISO8, as well as pharmaceutical industry cleanrooms with a cleanness standard ranging from CLASS100 to CLASS10000, or of the standards of A, B, or C. For the double-layer ceiling, we can achieve an A+B clean room, some of which is in accordance with the cleanness standard A.

Company Profile

In order to provide the highest quality products to our customers, we use advanced production technology and equipment imported from America, Europe, Taiwan, and other regions. As a result, the MAX products feature high efficiency and accuracy. The diagonal error between the wall panel and ceiling panel is within 0.5mm. Thus, the tightness and aesthetic appearance of the clean room after installation is ensured. In addition, we have a designated quality assurance department to oversee quality control from the acquisition of raw materials through production to final product shipment. In 2002 we received the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate, and in 2012, we opened a new factory which uses the highest degree of automatic and accurate production equipment from Taiwan, thus increasing our daily output capacity to 5,000 square meters. We are now the leading clean room partition wall and ceiling panel system manufacturing company in China, in regards to service, production efficiency, and product categories. Our staff is comprised of 160 skilled workers and 38 departmental managers and professional technical personnel, 20 of which have bachelor degrees or higher. As a result, we can offer qualified products and first class layout design services to our domestic and international customers. Constant product innovation and improvement is routine at MAX. For instance, our patented product of hollow air returnable clean room wall plate was introduced in 2003. This product is extensively employed in biological medicine, electronics, and other areas. To date, we have developed and patented a new line of new clean room doors and windows, LED light, and aluminum profile used for bio-pharmaceutical industry.

Max cleanroom wall panel system, load bearing ceiling system, and other related products have earned a good reputation with our customers. In China, we command the leading portion of the market share, and our high-profile clients include Intel, AMD, SAMSUNG, SMIC, Pfizer, Sanofi-Aventis, and more. Our products are also well received in over 16 countries, including England, Japan, Thailand, India, and so on.