• MAX series clean room door including baking finish type, steel color plate type and melamine skin type is extensively applied to biomedicine clean room, electronic clean room, and other high-end clean room.
  • Max double layer glass window made of toughened glass or flameproof glass is manufactured in the controlled environment to ensure no pollution inside the window.
  • As a professional cleanroom wall panel system manufacturer and supplier in China, our company offers metal clip connection plasterboard partition clean room wall panel system, double layer load-bearing clean room ceiling system, sliding clean room door, etc.
  • Our company is a professional load bearing ceiling system manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a broad range of products, including clean room door, cleanroom wall panel system, double layer glass window, and more.

Applications Drivers

TECO CLEAN ROOM SA design, produce and install turnkey clean rooms, customized according to the characteristics and specific needs of their clients in the following sectors: